taking my Kodachrome away…

Kodak has filed for bankruptcy.

That sentence feels like ‘Superman was killed in Dallas.’ Such a strong icon of my childhood. Taking pictures was magical. I felt artsy and edgy and the freedom to express myself and experience the world when looking through the eye hole of a 110 camera, a Polaroid one-step and eventually a 35mm.

I realize I have been one that has moved on to the digital world, participating in creating the void of film buyers.

But man does the word ‘Kodak’ bring back floods and floods of memories.
Memories of creativity.
Memories of feeling grown up.
Memories of the wonderful smell of the film canister.
Memories of waiting…waiting to see what the developed film would look like.

Just recently I posted about loving the look of digital apps now that can make a picture look like my 1970’s memories.

Yes, life and technology propels us forward.
But it’s sad to experience the end of something so many of us held so fondly…the absolute wonder of camera film.


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