Happy Chinese New Year!! (and happy birthday to me)

One of my favorite perks about being married to Scott are the friends and family I have inherited. Wendy is one of those people. She has been a long-time friend of the Sutherlands. (Maybe instead of me inheriting them it’s more accurate to say that now they’re stuck with me!)

We try to get together for lunch periodically – so the Chinese New Year and my upcoming birthday (more than a month away!) was a good enough excuse!

We met at P.F. Chang’s on the Plaza and, as usual, enjoyed a good conversation (and GREAT food!!)

Wendy has two incredible Pandora bracelets – as most Pandora owners, it’s fun to compare charms…

Then, Wendy gave me my birthday gift.

Some of you know my deep love for Rachel Ashwell…
She is my holy of holies.
The sandpaper to my distressing.
The white to my trim.
The ranunculus to my tea cup.

She was the first designer that I fell madly and forever in love with. I have every one of her books and they are as proudly displayed in my house as they were the first day I bought one over 5 years ago.

So, she’s kind of a big deal.

The birthday present bar has been set high this year. Rachel’s latest book –

…and tonight I will have some FABULOUS leftovers for dinner!

It was fun to be the Ladies Who Lunch today on the Plaza. Even broke out the vintage fur for the occasion! -ha

If you need me, I’ve found a spot of sunshine, brewed some tea and am curled up with my new book

And I mean this from the bottom of my heart…even better than the book, was the time you took to make today special. I loved spending a few hours with you!


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