I realize it’s very kitchy and passe’…

It started with a picture a number of years ago…
But I resisted; too typical.

Then my daughter started taking a class…
Again; too campy. Don’t think about it.

Then a movie…
Too emo.

A book…
A museum showing…
A taste…

I can’t help it. I admit it:

I am a silly American with a fascination for France.

The interior decorating.
The style.
The food.
Ahh…the art.

Perhaps to be most efficient, I should say the perceived decorating, the perceived style, etc. I have never been. I do know that friends, Melanie Jackel, Stan Williams, and Tiffany Smoot would loudly echo my mini-obsession as they have been there and experienced it first-hand. Or my friend, William, who has traveled there numerous times for his essential oils business.

What an incredible country to capture the imaginations of so many people who dream to experience it Someday.

Scott and I watched a movie this past weekend, Taken, which whet my appetite again. And as I do with every obsession (they don’t call it obsessive behavior for nothing!), I went to the online library catalog and ordered every book I could on the subject: from The New French Interior to Nineteenth Century French Art to Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

And of course, my biggest source of visual inspiration: Pinterest.

Source: weheartit.com via Greta on Pinterest

Source: amazon.com via Greta on Pinterest

And a few more here.

Channeling Sabrina today…
J’aime la France


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