just for fun: doodling

I had two thank you notes on my list this week and found myself putting off sending them because I wasn’t feeling the creativity to make the cards.

I opted, instead, for an old-school note written on notebook paper. I wrote the letter then sealed it up in a letter-sized envelope…

I addressed the envelope, then I drew one little flower on it.
Then another…
Then another…

Which led to markers…

Now, I’m just hoping the post office will clear the envelope as “legal” and actually mail it!

Too much time on my hands?
Yeah; you’re probably right.

But it was a fun afternoon, mindlessly doodled away…

Then while it was all right there in front of me, I did the same thing for a thank you note to my ‘rents-in-laws!

I put it all away after that, though…before it got out of hand and I was working on these white walls next!


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