celebrating deux!

Scott and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary this past weekend. While we were talking to Baird and Ryann last night all of us were stumped with the date. Just two? This is just our second anniversary together? In all the right ways, it seems we have been together much longer than just two years.

Two fabulously happy years.

We took a picnic lunch to the Liberty Memorial WWI museum grounds and had lunch.

The temperature was incredible so it made picnicing perfect!

There is a beautiful view of Kansas City from the ledge at the Memorial…

So from this view we carried out our annual tradition…

As some of you might remember, we secretly got married. Scott was still living in Iowa and I was in Missouri. But we knew we wanted to get married; it seemed silly to keep waiting for our logistical circumstances to pan out. Secondary to that, I needed insurance so we planned the day we were going to go to the City offices and become officially Mr. and Mrs.

Then Mom died. After talking about postponing it, we decided to keep our date with the court and just sneak off for a few hours to make it all official. On the 29th we drove to the courthouse, had a very moving and quiet ceremony (just me, Scott and the judge), then drove back to Dad’s house where people were gathering for funeral planning.

On the way back to his house, we decided to stop off at a convenient store and get something to drink. While we were standing in line to pay, Scott got out of line, walked over to the sweets aisle and came back with a Twinkie and said, “We have to have some wedding cake, at least.” So we sat in the convenient store parking lot, broke the Twinkie in half, interwrapped our arms and fed each other a wedding cake Twinkie. (and took a picture of it!)

So each year, we repeat the same process: convenient store…Twinkie…break in half…feed each other:

2010 –

2011 –

2012 –

Last year on our anniversary we went to the theater to see ‘The King’s Speech’ which eventually won an Academy Award. This year, we bestowed our “blessing” to the movie ‘Hugo’. We’ll see how well it fares at the Academies this year!!

I liked this sign at the theatre. One. Two. And forward…

We had a really lovely day together. I feel extremely blessed to share life with Scott.
Head over heels in love!


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