a bit warm for February??!

The sound was unbelievable…

in February!

There have been hundreds of bees that came out from hibernation during the warm days, last week, at my in-law’s house. So many bees that Larry and Joanne set out food (sugar water) for them since there wasn’t anything for the bees to eat (flowers.) Larry said he watched the overly diligent bees drowning in the water, so he threw some wood into the bowls for them to land on while they sopped up the water.


My mother-in-law – Anything for a good deal! She was shopping and saw this HUGE hunk of cheese. She commented that she would love it but didn’t need “that much”. A woman nearby said she would half it with her! The below picture is actually only HALF of what the original bit of cheese was in the store! Larry cut the half in half and gave us a chunk. Good thing they gave us a new bottle of wine to go with it!


Joanne’s new art project… (chalks)


Fiona LOVES going out to Larry and Joanne’s house. Lots of room to run full speed!!

Plus she and Gypsy get to eat cool stuff like homemade Chex Mix…

[insert picture I didn’t get]
The 4 of us were standing outside talking while Fiona and Gypsy ran around like crazy. Fiona was running at us full speed straight on when she realized there wasn’t enough room to run between us. She ran STRAIGHT ON into Scott’s legs. Fiona is VERY strong! It was like a cartoon moment. Scott’s legs went out from under him and he landed flat on his back. It wasn’t a crumpling down to his knees kind of a thing…it was a direct hit, then flat on his back. We were all stunned! And then, (of course), laughed. A lot…


Larry (who has every piece of machinery ever created in the entire universe) and Scott made me some gourd birdhouses. A new project for me to paint!!

Drill small holes in the sides for the dowel rod and hanging wire…

Cut the dowel rods…

Sand the dowel rods…

Drill the bluebird hole…

A bit of wood glue…

And voila! – Bluebird birdhouses ready to paint, or stain, or whatever my birdbrain heart desires.

A quick synopsis of our enjoyable afternoon “in the country” last week.


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