tu-tu fun

I recently had the opportunity and privilege to create some birthday invitations for 4-year-old Ciera. Ciera is studying ballet and is a wonderfully inquisitive and sweet little girl. In so many ways, she is ALL girl! While I was talking to her mommy, her delicate hand slipped behind mine as she raised my wedding ring up to take a closer look (then withdrew her hand quickly when we acknowledged what she was doing.) Then again – Ciera is an avid camper and recently went whitewater rafting with her parents.

(photo source p.s. her mommy is a fabulous photographer!)

Sounds like the perfect combination of a girl to me!

Her request for a birthday theme was the dance of the flowers and the dance of the sugarplums from the Nutcracker ballet.

What a fun theme from which to create…

Mommy said, “I have labels for the addresses.”
I said, “Oh no! No labels; I will handwrite them!”

Thank you, Ciera, for letting me be a part of your birthday celebration!


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