The Nelson

My birthday is on Sunday. As is typical, I have started each day this week with, “Since it’s my birthday…” I have given up hope that I will ever grow up when it comes to celebrating. My recent request was an afternoon at The Nelson-Atkins Art Museum. It’s so nice that we don’t have to take it all in at once. I love that we live close enough that we can go for an afternoon and just see parts of the museum…returning another day to see more of the exhibits.

The Nelson-Atkins Art Museum.
A Kansas City highlight.


‘The soul has greater need of the ideal than of the real’yes.


This picture is for you, Dad…an elementary school field trip. My father spent his career as an elementary school principal. Each year, the designated grade level would gather in the school gym before boarding their big yellow transportation. And each year Dad would give them the talk: “Now students, we will see some statues that don’t have any clothes on. I do NOT want to hear any laughing. So on the count of 3 we will all laugh together right now…”


This piece is always what I remember the most. It has been at the museum since I was a little girl. ‘Fall of the Rebel Angels’
It is an Italian carving of ivory from the 18th century that starts with a peaceful dove in Heaven and ends with an evil dragon in Hell. The intricacy is truly unbelievable…


For your casual bbq dining…


I’m pretty sure we did this in VBS – with that really expensive macaroni pasta…


This is one of my favorites – it’s impossible to capture the ambience on film. Two sarcophagous covers from the Renaissance period. The “sky” is eery and stormy. It was impressive as a child and continues to intrigue me in a scary/fascinating sort of way.





We walked into this section and Scott remarked, “Wow; we’re in the Catholic room.” Nazarene’s just don’t have this kind of deep heritage…




Egyptian architectural reliefs from “possibly the 6th century” made out of limestone…


Always a wonderful sight: local artists exercising their talents…




Similar to the terra cotta army, these mummies were created for specific ‘duties’ in the afterlife…




A peek inside one of the auditoriums…


We didn’t make it to the ‘new’ (when will it stop being referred to as ‘new’) Bloch Building with its fabulous modern design…


The gift shop – always a temptation…




A bit envious of the house that looks out their front window to the museum…




It was a truly wonderful afternoon.


2 thoughts on “The Nelson

  1. HAhaha I LOVE how your dad had handled the naked statue issue – that made me giggle . . . on the count of 3 of course. I always loved the asian collections then the little bitty rooms all decorated with furniture . . . and the Buddha on the stair landing. My favorite memory was that my dad would take us there on occasional Saturday afternoons and my sister was probably about 4-5 years old and I remember telling her to go ask the guard if we could touch a sculpture in the room (it was the wax one in the contemporary wing – the one that stands in the corner in the same room with the Rothko I love looking at) and she kept asking him, then thinking he was deaf raised her voice, my dad turned around to shush her and saw me giggling on a bench (yeah I didn’t get to pick out anything in the gift shop that day but it’s a funny family story still) You gotta understand my sister was the terribly shy quiet one so getting her to practically shout in the Nelson . . . well it was kinda funny 🙂 – My poor dear saint of a baby sister . . . *sigh*

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