Every FB birthday I come away with the same feeling, the same clear understanding…

…and that is the fact that I am, basically,…not a nice person.


You guys are way too much.

I never pay attention to the birthday notification on my Facebook screen.
This, because I am basically not a nice person.
And if I do see that it’s someone’s birthday, do I generally click on it and send them birthday wishes?
No. Why?
Because I am basically not a nice person.

Seems the most intelligent thing about me is that I have rocking friends who are waaaaay nicer than I.


I had a beautiful birthday weekend. I was able to be with people I love a ton and do some things that I really enjoy doing. The icing on the cake was that Scott was home for the weekend.

And of course, gifts. There’s ALWAYS the gifts to keep a gal happy, right?!! I react in much the same way as I did as a child…

Here are a few of the highlights from my weekend as well as a few of the gifts.

From the bottom of my not-so-nice heart, I thank you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you


The weekend started with a 3-layer banana cake with coffee icing that my mother made for me on my birthdays.

Joanne (my mother-in-law) has made it for me for the last two years.

It is so hard to get Ryann, Baird and Hannah all together at the same time. I was thrilled they all made it to a family get-together in Lone Jack.

The morning of my birthday, Scott and I decided to spend some chill time at Barnes and Nobles on the Plaza. Scott studied for his railroad test this upcoming week and I looked over my book club book…

Grocery store run…
With a quick break at Sonic. Indulging in a once-a-year corndog

Then home to get ready for my first book club meeting. (Of which I managed to take NO pictures. So aggravated!!) It was a wonderful group of women. We read a fabulous first book, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I HIGHLY recommend it. Tiffany’s house was warm and inviting. It was a wonderful way to spend my birthday afternoon.

Then, it was home to watch the Academy Awards with Scott. I was overwhelmed during the day with the sweet birthday wishes from my Facebook friends as well as emails and texts. One of the fabulous benefits of social media.

Perfect birthday day.


Beautiful white tulips from Tiffany…

My sweet friend, Jessica, brought me this adorable Gwen Stefani perfume…

See the name of it?

And speaking of cute new ‘g’s…via The Loyce

Norma, friend of Scott’s family, is a wonderful artist. I was thrilled to get some handmade earrings from her (she glazes them herself) as well as a copy of her artwork, via a birthday card…

An elephant’s faithful, 100%. (as are truly fabulous daughters!)…

Directing the weekend, with orchestral-like precision, Scott made sure everything was perfect. He excels at the little things. Example: before I left for book club, he filled my car with gas and washed it. (That’s nothing unusual.) When I got in the car to leave, after making some calls, I turned on the radio – he had turned it to the Jazz/Blues station. I love the little things. When I got home from my meeting, he said he had done his own ‘scrapbooking’ and made me a card…

Again, it was a wonderful day. I ran across a scrapbook page I made when I turned 43 years old. A mere 4 years ago. It seems a lifetime. In a million ways my life has drastically changed during those 4 years. But reading my thoughts at 43 years of age, I realized again how very little we really change over the years; so much of what I wrote then is still perfectly applicable today. With one very important exception… I haven’t found someone who can match my Life drive; I have found someone who exceeds it abundantly. How very blessed I am.

Thank you for playing a part in the unfolding of my 47th birthday. I hope you will each continue to play a starring role in number 48 as well…


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