so today…

Whew… Scott and I got up at 4am and hit the road. Every two years Scott has to go through training and hazmat testing for the railroad which means a two-day stay in the illustrious town of Marysville, Kansas (don’t bother looking it up; it barely exists on Hwy 36.) What it means for me is a nice little mini daytrip (3 hours both ways) with my husband and a bagful of books, magazines and letters to write while in the hotel room, all within the presence of every raunchy cable channel I can soak in.

I realize I don’t get out much, but I still feel the excitement of adventure that happens every time you push open the hotel room door. What will it be like? How much of a view is there from the windows? How big are the bath towels? … That big click of the lock opening is always an exhilarating invitation to the unknown ahead.


Filed under Only In Kansas, I laughed that after dropping Scott off at the rail yard I sat behind this mail truck at a stoplight…


…then MINUTES LATER sat behind this Rolls Royce in a drive-thru.


There’s all kinds mixed up here in this rectangle state!

The hotel windows have been covered with the constant trickle of a Spring-like rain here today. So I have enjoyed hunkering down and catching up on many superficial and wonderfully indulgent quiet activities. From Will & Grace to tortilla chips and Vogue’s interview with Adele.


Thing is, I wouldn’t trade my rainy hotel day in wheat-painted Kansas for the glamour and glitz that I am vicariously enjoying from my starched-white pillow.

Hope your world is a happy one today.


One thought on “so today…

  1. I ❤ this entry because I totally "get" it – made me smile and want to gas up the car and haul hiney to Hutchison, Kansas (my Maryville)

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