The silver lining

Joyce gave me this bottle of shampoo for my birthday. It really wasn’t a joke, we had talked about it earlier.

I have REALLY gray hair. But, not gray enough for my liking. I want it to be much lighter and was bemoaning that fact to Joyce recently.

She reminded me there was a special shampoo for that. It’s suppose to grab onto the gray hairs and highlight them somehow. Could be a total gimmick, but why not, right?!

After getting it home and examining it closer I had to laugh…belly laugh out loud…at their rousing slogan:


I guess by the time you have gray hairs you’re beyond the point of looking good. And sexy, or claims of being worth it are a bit out of reach.

But by God, you can at LEAST look better.

There’s always a glimmer of hope…

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