So today…

Thank goodness. It’s Friday!
Seems like it’s been “one of those weeks” for us. Stress compounding stress. Everyone has those weeks. This week was our turn, I guess. Ever notice how once you notice a few situations then you start concentrating on the subsequent ones more? From a few bigger issues to things like ‘Oh good, I left the stick of butter on top of the toaster oven and now it has melted down into all the cracks and crevices of the machine…’

You know, hypothetically speaking.

Today is another be-UUU-tiful day in KC. Knowing it was coming, Scott and I planned on hitting the Farmer’s Market for some produce today. But then plans changed and Scott had the opportunity to help a friend move some rocks from a driveway around to a landscaping project. They cleared the rocks by carrying them by the bucketfuls! (So glad it was them and not me.)

I received the sweetest note in the mail from my Michigan friend, Tammy. I LOVED IT!! Thank you, thank you…


And this birthday card from Jenny cracked me up…



Ugh, our refrigerator…it accumulates so much crap stuff! Cornflower bulbs from last year, Fiona’s heart meds, cereal boxes, a can I can’t throw away cause I just like it, wine bottles, dog treats from Christmas, used candles, coupons, stuff-I-want-to-remember-but-see-it-so-often-on-the-fridge-that-I-forget-about-it. STUFF of ordinariness. (Oh, and dust. I’m sure it’s carrying around more than its share of dust!)


I feel like I’ve spent too much time in this mode…


I am looking forward to a restorative weekend that I’m hoping involves The Lorax and Eric’s sermon and a walk through Loose Park eventually, some fresh veggies purchased out of the back of an old pick-up truck…

Oh and, RYANN!…I want all of these.
(Please start taking a really big bag to work and accidentally knocking a few of these into it. Okay, thanks.)

My mind can get cluttered and hurried, but my soul…my soul is content and happy.

One extremely lucky thing this week was that we SAW God’s hand. We were blessed enough to be able to notice it and be thankful for it. Truly grateful…



One thought on “So today…

  1. Yay for snail mail! =) Hopefully next week is a better week for you~
    As for now, have a blessed day and enjoy your daffodils! I think we are like more than a month away from seeing those lovelies =/

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