I accepted a job offer yesterday.

There is a new store opening on the Plaza called Soft Surroundings. There are Soft Surroundings stores currently in Connecticut, Texas, Colorado, Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri. The whole premise to Soft Surroundings is that women need to feel indulgent everyday. That in surrounding themselves with lovely things, they are better equipped to give of themselves to others.

Love it.

SS sells soft clothing, home furnishings with a French, romantic, shabby chic flair. Beauty products that include vitamins and honey. Sleepwear that is luxuriously indulgent. You get the idea… surrounding yourself with soft and beautiful things.

They have asked me to manage their inventory – what comes in and out of the store – and working with vendors. Also, I will be working with the Plaza store’s visual displays. Each store has free reign over their visuals (windows, vignettes, displays). THAT WILL BE A BLAST!!!

I am so excited!

The store opens on April 20. If you’re in the KC area, I hope you’ll come in and visit me sometime this summer. If you live outside of KC, well…I guess you know your vacation plans now! Starting April 10, we will begin training and setting up the store. The Plaza is experiencing some amazing new store openings – Kate Spade, Free People, Michael Kors, H & M…it’s an exciting time to be a part of a new-coming team.

Here’s the link to the Soft Surroundings catalog so you can take a look at some of the items.

I must conclude this post with a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE thank you to my friend, Kim. Kim found out about this job through one of her friends, Tonya, who will be opening Soft Surroundings as the store manager. When finding out about it more, Kim said she immediately thought of me. She contacted me. Then contacted Tonya. Then bragged to Tonya about me (making up a lot of stuff, I’m sure) then Tonya contacted me.

Tonya and I clicked immediately. After my interview it felt like I had just been having coffee with a friend, not a job interview at all. I am mostly excited about the working relationship Tonya and I will have together. That means the WORLD to me!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kim. Lunch is totally on me next time!!

A new adventure for me. It was so important to me to be in an environment that I believed in. I see so much of Soft Surroundings as a continuation of the lifestyle and design concept that I’ve been trying to follow for a number of years now. It is an amazing thing to see segments of your life collide and join together as a larger entity.


4 thoughts on “‘Congratulations’.

  1. I honestly think they could *not* have hired a more perfect person – I am down there every Thursday for Made To Serve so I promise to pop in – I need some new sleep wear to go with my new bedroom make-over this weekend (I think I am on my way to doing you proud in how that room is beginning to shape up) ❤

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