So today…

Kansas City’s drowning!

Seriously…this weather is so depressing! Gloomy. Rainy. Constant wetness everywhere.

So, I dragged out some scrapbooking supplies and tried to force some happiness inside that was NOT happening outside my windows…






Actually, I spent the afternoon scrapbooking with Kate and Leopold hanging around in the background!

I hope you have access to Zum products where you live. Such a great company that hails from KC…


A neighbor’s house I pretty much stalk…


Hate the rain but thankful for the blooms…


Hope your day was a good one. If you had sun, could you please send some our way??!

P.S. I love Miss Piggy…




One thought on “So today…

  1. Your page with Scott’s boots made me a little teary because I totally “get” it and feel the same away about my own sweetheart. Thought fondly of you today because I realized the store-front of the store that was brilliant to hire you is *right* next door to my dentist so I promise to pop in every 6 months and say “hey” and calm myself down from my infantile level of dentist anxiety perhaps with some new pajamas or lotion. Thinking warmly and fondly of you – K

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