The Gateway Arch

Scott and I had some time between our two stops in St. Louis (Soft Surroundings store tour and Anne Lamott’s book signing) so we decided to do what every St. Louis tourist does – see the Gateway Arch.

It’s such a crazy and architecturally brilliant structure. It’s cool that it’s designed to sway in the wind but it did NOT make us want to go up in it. We were just as happy sitting on the ground, looking up. I went with my family, growing up, and have no memory of the view from the top but have very DISTINCT memories of the elevator ride to the top. (stomach drop)

Nope. On the ground. I’m good.

We went into the Museum underneath the Arch, however. There were long lines of people going in and coming out. Going in, each person walked through a metal detector. The line was moving quickly until I walked through. My necklace set off every alarm possible. I was moved to the side and swiped with the handheld thingy. I glanced over to Scott (who went in before me) and caught him looking at his feet as people passed by.

The museum was an overview of westward expansion. Looking at the displayed gold coins we offered Native Americans, though, made me cringe a bit. They got a large gold trading piece. We got their land and agriculture. (I know it wasn’t as simple as that; but still…ugh. A blight on American history.)

It was a stunningly beautiful day in the Midwest. Scott and I had a fabulous time together, taking in St. Louis. The Arch was a highlight to the trip and another adventure we’ve enjoyed together.

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One thought on “The Gateway Arch

  1. Seeing your pictures and hearing about your adventures in St. Louis has been so fun! We are headed there in May- sans a Ciera, mind you (yikes!)- and these stories are totally enriching the anticipation!

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