griping, to no one in particular…

Just as a waiter has difficulty receiving bad service from another waiter, I find myself critiquing customer service management areas in retail stores.

We just left a KMart where a manager walked over to our cashier, interrupted the transaction to show her a sign she was taping to Cashier’s register.

The sign listed 3 questions:

1. Did you find everything ok?
2. Would you like a printed receipt?
3. Would you like to donate a $1 to (x) fund?
4. Is there anything else I can help you with?

She interrupted our transaction to give the cashier customer service tips.

Rarely (RARELY!) do I hold the employee at fault. If there’s a customer service problem, it is usually the fault of management. If Employee is feeling pressure to get a task done over helping you, the customer, then you are seeing the concentration of Management.

Good managers teach that the customer is first priority. That tasks can wait. But if speed and quantity and tasks are emphasized, then know that your dollar isn’t really as important to Company as you would think.

(End of gripe.)


One thought on “griping, to no one in particular…

  1. It’s a good thing you didn’t see what happened to me at CVS today – I was punished for the sins of the customer ahead of me. I am afraid I might have had to take you into that snazzy neuro unit at St Luke’s for an anuerysm (it got to me pretty bad I was almost in tears and I don’t cry over stuff like that) I’m stuck with ’em until open enrollment for my insurance next year so I better pull up my big-girl panties

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