Oh I’m so in love with this!

I know I’m probably a little late to this party. Actually, I definitely am late…it’s been around since 2008. But OH!, it’s so wonderful.

And since I don’t trust you to actually click on this link and check it out for yourself, (you’re welcome, no trust!-ha), I’m going to post some pictures from this fabulous blog that I’ve spent a TON of time on the past 24 hours.

It’s called Advanced Style and has it’s own book coming out next month by the same name.

The author walks the streets of New York City and takes pictures of people (basically over 60 years old) who represent fashion and style. Here is an explanation of what he does, in his own words…

The people are fascinating. The video clips make me desperately want to know more of their stories.

Click over there and check it out further. Here’s a few pictures to whet your age-loving appetite…

This lovely lady…


This fine gentleman…




In love…




Glamour… Her motto? “Don’t try and look younger, just look as wonderful as you can.”


What a deliciously wonderful idea and a lovely way to celebrate beauty. I can’t wait to delve into the book!


2 thoughts on “Oh I’m so in love with this!

  1. I loved the style of the people of New York . . . I miss New York – I left part of my heart there which means I need to go back and look for it again . . .

    Have you ran across this blog? You might enjoy it – one of my most fave posts was the Purim in Crown Heights post:


    Hope to buy some pajamas from you this weekend – have lots of fun with your new adventure *hugs*

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