dusting off the blog


My smart-alecy daughter left her initials on the inside of my clearly-not-been-used-in-awhile small laptop. Okay, Hannah, – point made.

The dust is certainly symbolic of how long it’s been since I’ve posted anything on this blog. Starting a new job has been a pretty all-consuming part of my life for the past month. Truth be told, however, I was weary of simply ‘talking to myself’ on here. Even more, I was falling into the trap of Consumer Blogging.

I started blogging in 2005 and have always thoroughly enjoyed the process. But it was much simpler back then. Blogging now seems very competitive and numbers driven. I felt myself slipping out of the writing mode and into the research mode. (Hard to articulate it to you; but I felt the shift inside.)

So I closed everything down and took a break.

I’m choosing to head back into blogging slowly. Less posts and posts that are reflective of what I’m thinking about and learning. What I’m creating (if I EVER get to the place where I can do that again) and things I find inspirational online.

No system. No daily themes.
Just the haphazard life that I am living.
Just, my life. As g.

(How terribly boring, no?)

The Swiffer has been employed and the smart-alecy initials have been wiped away.

I’m currently working on dusting off my brain…


3 thoughts on “dusting off the blog

  1. glad to see you’re coming back. I have slowly been working on getting my blog going again too. I went almost a whole year at one point with out posting to it. I really enjoy looking back over the years and seeing the things that I cared to post about….even if no one else was reading them. 🙂

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