on the way to work this morning…

On my way to work this morning I ran into the Ward Parkway Goose Family. We have been watching them waddle across the busy streets all spring. Now here they were, right in my path on the sidewalk.


There were tweenagers that looked close to adult geesehood but still had some of their peach fuzz.


And two ADORABLE little toddler geese!


I slowed my bicycle down and eventually stopped to take pictures. As I sat there being very still, they split up and walked around me on both sides.






Then, Mama Goose stood up and looked me square in the eyes as if to say, “Do not even THINK about hurting my offspring. I’ve kept them away from commuter crazies and I will NOT let the likes of you hurt them either. Now move along there, human lady!”


It was an absolutely holy encounter. The deeply rich blessing that started my day.


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