old homes = sucky closets

The bane of every old home is the ridiculous closet space. Back in the day, I suppose everyone had beautiful armoires at their disposable; made by their great-great grandfather.

Meanwhile, we have no great-grandfather-built armoire and NO closet space.

Since we don’t have children living at home, we are transforming a quasi extra bedroom into a walk-in closet. I was excited to start digging into it this morning since Scott was home and could do all the heavy lifting (“I’m just the idea person.“)

The beginnings of my make-do closet…

We go through a TON of bubblewrap at work (moving? need some bubble wrap? let’s talk.) I have a few big trashbags filled with bubblewrap in the basement so I filled some purses that I don’t use often to keep them formed…

Hung some freezer trays on the wall for scarves, clutches, and the “miscellaneous” things of life…

I have a clothesrack for my everyday clothes. Then I’m using the small closet for the clothes I rarely wear. (I’m a big believer in ‘uniforms’; so I’m pretty boring at work.)

Hung a towel rack holder on the inside of the closet for necklaces…

Hope chest under the window for sitting and putting on shoes…
Even put down the rug that Scott refers to as The Death Rug…

Two more corners of the closet to go (strategically NOT in the pictures!) But the beginning has definitely begun. (THANK YOU, SCOTT!, for hauling and lifting and trying to be patient!)


4 thoughts on “old homes = sucky closets

  1. i totally feel your pain. we dont have 1 single closet upstairs in our old (135 yr old) house! Old trunks, armoires, dressers and clothes racks do the job but also take up valuable floor space =/ very frustrating! I love how you are making your space work though…i am going to remember that when our kids move out and I get a free room =)

  2. As info, the death rug is slick and slides on the floor super easy like grease on ice. Some day it will kill me!!

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