Barry Manilow

Hit after hit after hit after hit. I mean, who can do that?! One full concert of top-of-the-chart hits. Whether you’re a Barry Manilow fan or not, you’ve got to admire his ability to produce so many hit songs.

His music is so strongly well-known that just a few notes into the song people would immediately recognize the song. The crowd couldn’t help but sing along.

Barry’s birthday was yesterday, the night of the concert. He turned 67. And while he has had hip surgery and nips and tucks, his voice is still the.very.same as it was decades ago. He sounds JUST LIKE Barry Manilow. He was never a singer I found attractive (in the Andy Gibb kind of way!), but I have always loved his songs. The secret to any good song? Make the lyrics apply to a vast majority of people and make the tune stick in one’s head. Barry has accomplished all of the above.

I couldn’t wait to hear I Write the Songs, Copacabana, Even Now, We Made It Through the Rain… but the song that captured my attention the most last night was the following one. I borrowed it off YouTube so that you could easily hear the lyrics. As crazy berserk as I went on all the other songs, this one was perhaps the highlight of my evening.

[someone put that on my funeral list]


My oldest friend, Vicky, bought us tickets for our 47th birthdays. Going to the concert with her was the best part! Thank you, Vicky, from the bottom of my romance-loving heart. I HAD A BLAST!!!!!!!

Barry’s entrance was fabulous…the crowd went wild! I’m so glad I can say I’ve seen him in concert – live!



We loved this cute couple in front of us. The guy was just as into the concert as she was!


American Bandstand. I used to know every word by heart!


Following are some video clips – horribly done, but documenting an incredibly fun night and one I will always remember as one of the best nights ever!

Singing for his birthday…

You can imagine how crazy the crowd went over Copacabana. We were all up singing and dancing (except the very sour, bitter woman sitting next to me, but that’s another story!)

Could there be a more famous introduction to a song??…

He definitely wrote the song.

At the end (which came way too soon) was a huge confetti explosion ending. Did I bring home confetti? YOU BETCHA!!


Definitely a schmaltzy evening. But absolute, pure fun. An incredibly enjoyable evening with an unbelievably gifted man, his songs, and my dear, dear friend.


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