24 hours in the life of a tomato

While I was at work yesterday, Scott and his mom picked a zillion tomatoes…

This morning, we took a trip to our wonderful City Market…

Net gain…

Then Scott went to work in our kitchen.

Blanched tomatoes were piled up in overflowing bowls all over the kitchen…

He tried out our ‘new’ $5 food processor…

Boiling, simmering, stirring…

Add a bit more HOT…

(some beautiful “trash”)…

A bit of sealing action…

And we have 6 gorgeous quart-size jars of salsa. Mango salsa. Peach salsa. Black bean and corn salsa.

For dinner tonight we made a delicious (Pinterest!) Mexican lasagne with flour tortillas instead of pasta with our delicious (still warm) black bean salsa.

We have enough tomatoes to do a whole other set of salsa on another day!!

24 great little hours in the life of a juicy, red tomato.


One thought on “24 hours in the life of a tomato

  1. Oh G! That food processor is the exact same one I grew up watching my mom use on our counter when growing up! And canning . . . canning has started for my family too! This post made me smile with nostalgia

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