big ol’ canvas

A while back, Scott found a discarded canvas and brought it to me to “do something with”. It wasn’t our style, but we loved the size of it.

It has sat and sat and sat in storage for that “someday I will work on it” day.

After our recent move, we had a wall that needed something. I am NOT a symmetrical person, so I always have trouble with the over-the-couch space that most people would feel compelled to place a picture with two matching somethings on each side.

Symmetrical, however, makes me break out in hives. (Just as much as asymmetrical stuff drives others crazy!)

So we waited to find just the right thing. No pressure. It would come with time.

After a day of working, I sat down and flipped through some design pages I had ripped out of magazines. One of the color schemes caught my eye and stirred up my creative juices. So I dug through my boxed-up craft supplies to find my tub of leftover paints. One of the inhibitors to doing anything with this canvas has been the cost of buying paints to cover a 5′ x 4′ canvas.

But last night I heard my old friend Sheila yell in my head, “Commit!” So I decided to just use what I had on hand.

I spread out on the living room floor and started applying paint.

The ‘end’ result…
(‘end’ is in quotes because I wouldn’t doubt I will continue to play with it here and there)

I was pleased. (and in typical instant-gretafication style, hung it up while it was still wet)

I’m glad I went with the whim and used what I had. It’s a statement piece that cost us absolutely $0! SCORE!!


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