lazy day

After some pretty intensely back-breaking days of moving and unpacking, I’ve gotta tell you… I slacked today.

Big time.

I spent a lot of the day surrounded by some best-friend-electronics

Let me explain.
Scott and I spent two months “in the wilderness”. And by wilderness I mean NO INTERNET! It was great and wonderful and relaxing and rejuvenating and…I missed reading my blogs or catching up with people online. I missed perusing Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr leisurely, without the fear of losing a signal at any moment.

I admit it. Long-term unconnectedness is not for me!

So while our space is coming together finally, and Scott was out of town, and…I don’t have anymore excuses…I vegged.

It was wonderful!

And in the interest of full disclosure, if you pan back even further you will see…

…the day also included peanuts and a caffeine-free Coke!

I will go back to the boxes tomorrow.
Back to the ripping off of packing tape and the unfolding of bubblewrap.

But for today I soaked in a little online inspiration (which I’m sure I will be sharing with you guys along the way!)

Here’s to weekends at the beginning of the week.


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