snippets here and there

Moving is for the young.

We have been in Omaha exactly one week now. There are still boxes to be unpacked and piles of things lying around, but for the most part – we are organized.

I have been lazy and quickly uploading pictures to Facebook, but here are a few additional snippets of home…


3 thoughts on “snippets here and there

  1. These pictures are beautiful, but I would love to see bigger pictures of the place overall! I’m already wanting to visit – and as it turns out, I will have a long stint in Omaha starting Oct. 22 so we will have to hang out on a weekend and have Baird drive up!

  2. Wow your tidy, everything looks prestine.your homes pics are lovely and intriguing ideas. I would love to see the top of your mobile, clips haning cards. Your a talented woman, this is impressive

  3. Yay youre blogging again! =) What a lovely place you have! Well it seems like you always make every place you are in lovely =)

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