I feel completely vindicated.

For every time someone has walked into my house and said, “Oh look. Greta has re-arranged things again.” – I submit this. It is the most heart-affirming thing I believe I have ever read.

Containing my collections is also good for times when I want a little decorating therapy. What I mean by this is that oftentimes, when I feel stressed, I will ‘tinker’ about with my things much like a gardener will disappear in the yard weeding or tending to plants, picking off dead leaves or snipping away wilted and crusty bits.

I’m not much of a gardener, so I tend to my home. I enjoy playing around with the arrangements of things and like to rearrange often so that the energy is forever flowing. When I keep objects in a single place for too long my space begins to feel stagnant, so I shuffle stuff around to loosen the energy and set things flowing freely — and properly — again.

I don’t like a sluggish vibe at home, it holds me back. When I’m tinkering, I often consider the objects and whether I can edit some things out and mix others in to provide a better energy or a different feeling to the space…

Thank you, Holly Becker.

The morning light.


One thought on “I feel completely vindicated.

  1. Oh G – This space is beautiful – I envy your ablility to re-arrange things – sadly I never do (unless I get cold in my bedroom then I have to re-arrange where my bed is in relation to the leaky 100+ year windows and casings because I am attracted to old old buildings like a moth to lightbulbs . . . or bug zappers) seeing your beautiful space makes me wish I could dust the pretty things again . . . Happy Unpacking!!!

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