Zombie Apocalypse in Nebraska??

Walking through a cemetery is such an interesting trip through time. The cemetery in Grand Island, Nebraska was no different. We spent an afternoon looking at the tombstones and wondering about the stories they represented.

I had to laugh at this tombstone. If there was a Zombie Apocalypse, I’m pretty sure it might start with this tomb…

Crazy Huskers fans…

Note to my family: no abbreviations on my tombstone

I’d rather have this “shabby chic” one!

Can a history person answer our question about this: Were things made before WWII only called ‘World War’? I mean, that would make sense…there wasn’t a WWI until there was a WWII, right?


Who knew?! Right here in Nebraska…

This always makes me crazy. Guess whose name is the largest?

yep. Baird. But the tombstone behind Baird’s? “Suck”. (we had to laugh)

There were a LOT of German names throughout this cemetery. I kept wondering why and thinking I needed to see what German (or Lutheran?) movement happened in the area.

Thanks, Scott, for being willing to go through cemeteries with me, wherever we are.

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