autumn decorating

My favorite decorating season is Fall. The colors. The texture. The smells. They are all so inspiring and ever-changing. It seems like Fall is a time of finding decorations; not just buying them pre-made.

It’s October 25 and I haven’t done any seasonal decorating. Since we just moved, it has been all I can do to get our normal everyday items unpacked and put away. Plus I will be joining Scott for a while on location out-of-town, so I think I’m kind-of-sort-of deciding not to decorate for Halloween this year (sniff.) Hopefully I will be able to do a bit for Thanksgiving, however; we’ll see…

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying some of the posts I’ve seen around the web.

Like this front porch cornucopia idea from Design Sponge

Or a more modern approach, like this canvas from Yatzer.

Such fun googly-eyed garland from landeeseelandeedo

I love these primitive pumpkins by Sarah Dawn Designs.

I will always have a space in my heart for primitive country.

In my own personal space though, I continue to love the soft natural colors that Dreamy Whites captures so beautifully.

I hope you’re having fun with all the ghosts and goblins, pumpkins and colorful leaves that are so dominant during this time of year. They add warmth and funkiness to our homes.

source: eighteen25


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