my life as g…(refreshed)

The blog, My Life As G, has been in existence for 10 years (preceded by Vintage Life 4 G). If you have been following that long, I sincerely and deeply thank you. There have been pauses along the way for my head to regroup, but for the most part, we have become friends, don’t you think?

There have been just a few changes in the past decade for me. Wow! My head spins just thinking about the Then and Now of it all. Looking ahead to 2013 I see many exciting opportunities and experiences waiting to be fully discovered. Also, the reality of it all is that My (real) Life As G has morphed into a bit of a Mid-Life life. (Let’s be honest.)

I would like to take the blog in a slightly different direction…

I worked with a lady who was exceptionally good at explaining things to others. Her name was Carol. Carol was a gifted trainer. She articulated directions well and explained the short-term goals along with the big picture we were trying to accomplish. Her most endearing quality was a simple phrase that she attached to the pitfalls of doing a specific task. Not only would she elaborate on how a process needed to be done, she also told us about common mistakes we might stumble over and what not to do. She would end her warnings with a simple phrase: ‘Ask me how I know.’

In other words, she had been down that road herself. She was telling us that something wouldn’t work that way because she herself had tried it and failed. She was attempting to make our efforts more productive than hers had been.

Ask me how I know.

There are many times I look in the mirror and wonder, “How in the WORLD did I get here?!” Usually followed by, “When did THAT happen?!”


Then there are the moments that I look to those younger than me and wish I could say, “Don’t fall for this (or that). It doesn’t work. Ask me how I know.”

I find myself seeking guidance from others who are a bit further down the road than me in an attempt to side-step some common mistakes and heartaches. This is also why mixed friendships of ages and ethnicities and opinions serve only to enrich our lives, not divide them.

I would like to look at some silly and outrageous and serious and time-worn oddities of becoming this strange age we are. As I stated in my About page on this blog, if you are younger…join us and take notes. If you are on the later side of Middle-Agedom…please advise.

If you are in this crazy, weird age of The Middle, then please laugh along. It is like being a Tweenager, no? Never quite knowing where we belong.

So with this blog post, I am drawing a line in the blog sand and am turning a bit to the subject of Middledom. (yep; made up that word on the spot.) I am not attempting to give advice (…the very thought of that is humorous…), but rather to just talk and point and share together. The good, the bad, the mundane and the triumphant. Aging is certainly something we cannot outsmart. Yet since it is an inevitable part of our lives, why not join hands and sing Kum Ba Yah with it around the campfire. Surely laughing will keep us younger. Oh…and add yet another line around our eyes and mouths.

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