simple blogging

Ashleigh Baker’s blog post on Simple Stories comforted and encouraged me.

I completely agree with Ashleigh’s view on blogging in twenty-thirteen. I have often found myself missing the days of feeling the need to write out my thoughts, then sharing it on my blog (almost daily), sharing pictures from the everydayness of life, then hearing from the people who read the blog and felt a connection to it.

I miss that so much.

Over the past number of years I have developed a ‘marketing’ devil that sits on my blogging shoulder and is constantly asking, “What audience are you reaching?” “Who is reading your blog today?” “Is this really the best time to post this blog entry; you’d reach more people in the morning.”

I have come to hate that red-PR devil. In fact, the pressure of it all has led to sporadic and somewhat unenthusiastic posting.

After reading this blog post from Simple Stories, I felt oddly validated. I felt motivated to just write for the sake of writing. Share for the sake of sharing. Even if it is to nobody (gulp), do it for the exercise. For the discipline of developing a blog post over time, rather than the impulsive sharing on Facebook.

In fact, I would argue Facebook status line posts have been the death of true blogging. Who would even WANT to read a blog post of mine if they’ve already read about it on my FB?!

Who knows how it will evolve. But due to a lack of journaling or written letters to my children – maybe blogging about every day (dare I say, boring) occurrences will leave a trace of who their mother was during this time in life.

I hope we can meet again over a blog post. I’d like to continue the conversation…


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