oh, you know. no biggie.

I don’t want to be an alarmist, but I either have arm cancer or a blood clot that will free itself any time now, rushing straight to some very favorite vital organs of mine.


Again, don’t be alarmed.

I found this huh-uuu-jah bump last night on my forearm (yes, amidst the age spots. But they’re caused from all the hard work I do outside in my garden…okay, they’re caused from hours in a tanning bed…okay, they’re caused from being freakin’ old.) I have noooooooooo recollection of hitting my arm. None. (also disconcerting since there is probably Alzheimer’s mixed in with my arm-cancer/blood-clot-rushing symptoms as well.) I really do not know where it would have come from but a very large bruise is developing as well.

If I haven’t posted for awhile, well…now ya know why. I’ve either died or I can’t work my prosthetic arm correctly yet.

……I need to lie down.


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