“Welllll…at least there weren’t any bugs…”

June 1. (keep that in mind, JUNE 1st). I had the day off and it was lining up that Scott would have the majority of the day off as well. So while he was finishing up work this morning, I sent him a text…

Screenshot_2013-06-01-11-05-51 (1)

Okay! Picnic time FINALLY! Of course, this was before I had stepped outside.

And temperatures in the 50’s.

Did I mention it was JUNE?!

2013-06-01 14.44.37

I didn’t care. We went to the store to get what we needed. Came home and made the sandwiches…wrapping them in wax paper because for some reason, picnics must include sandwiches wrapped in wax paper (and no…we didn’t eat ALL the sandwiches, but they were cuter in a large quantity.)


I put Scott’s name on one bag and my G on the other. Then I wrote descriptive words using the letters S-C-O-T-T and Scott wrote words starting with a G on my bag. We packed our picnic blanket (first giving it a good shake out for the season), put everything in a cute little “picnic basket” ala Paper Source bag and set off for the park/lake. We were so excited to find this lake last month, so near our house.


We drove up to the lake, as rain splattered our windshield. We were both shivering in our respective jackets and weren’t quite sure what our next move would be.

Problem solved.

We threw the picnic blanket over the steering wheel and dashboard and set up shop, safe and secure in our car with a view of the lake through the trees.



(Also. Picnic sandwiches need to be with white bread. I don’t know why; I don’t make up these rules. It is just the way it was meant to be.)





Our washi tape-wrapped wax paper sandwiches, cheese sticks, baggies of chips and chocolate chip cookies were perfect (alas, no juice boxes though.) We ate. Talked. Listened to the radio. Packed up and drove back home.



A very uneventful First Picnic of 2013.

I’m already looking forward to the next one.
Perhaps it needs to be the Second First Picnic of 2013.

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