“There’s no such thing as a free dog.”

Those are my father-in-law’s wise words. Their beloved dog, Gypsy, wandered onto their property over 10 years ago. But since that time, Gypsy as been sick and needed special dog food, had numerous tumors removed, etc. All of that, not free. Any time something becomes much bigger than expected, that is usually the reaction: ‘There’s no such thing as a free dog.’

At the end of last year, Scott and I bought this great office chair at our favorite Omaha junk store (in Old Market.) I was very excited to use it at my work table. The owner (who knows we are faithful customers), sold it to us for $5. Five dollars! A caster was broken on it, but after Scott looked it over, that seemed to be the only problem; the rest of the chair construction was very sound.

Simple. Buy 5 new casters and voila!, a cool new office chair.

And yet, since the end of last year, it has sat in our garage.

Once Scott started researching where to buy the new casters he soon realized that they were antique casters that were no longer made. There were a few places online, but the cost was just too much. Nevertheless, Scott kept researching it every now and then.

This morning, while looking online once again, he found that there was a caster company in downtown Omaha, so we jumped in the car to see what they had. Seems the issue was that the casters needed to have a threaded shaft and now they make casters that you shove up in a hole and they click into place.

The caster company in Omaha had a few suggestions ready for us when we got there – after Scott talked to them on the phone. Their casters were smaller, but seemed to be strong and sturdy. Out we walked with 5 metal casters for $35.

$35 casters to go on our $5 chair.

But…I love how it looks!!! (does ‘pretty’ count?!)







Our ‘free dog’ turned out to be a bit more than we expected. Yet still, we would have paid much more than $40 for a Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware chair, no?!
(my spiritual gift is Rationalization.)

p.s. Don’t judge my mess. I’m in the middle of a thing.
…yet I always seem to be in the middle of a thing…

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