Everything makes sense, when you go back home – THS 30th high school reunion

We don’t look so bad for a pair of old schoolers….



It is amazing how much Facebook has changed high school reunions. There are people we keep up with almost on a daily basis through our Facebook accounts. High school reunions are simply an extension of those conversations.


[Mental note: don’t ever attempt to take pictures in a low lit bar.]


The Scotts. Scott Phelps was a diver. Scott Sutherland was a swimmer. Both Scotts were one of the nice guys of high school. Phelps tries to be a bad a**, but his heart is too good in the end. Two friends who have remained a part of each other’s lives on a regular (but never enough) basis.

2013-08-16 21.02.30

Jessica knows I adore her. But we have teased Phelps mercilessly that he married a twenty-something gal. Phelps has a two-year-old daughter. TWO!! I can’t even imagine. But while he’s busy spoiling his 4 boys and now 1 daughter, as well as running a very successful landscaping company in KC, Jessica works at the greatest, coolest, cutting-edgiest marketing company in downtown KC. I don’t know how she manages a household and an office filled with creatives. Oh yeah, I know how…..SHE’S TWENTY SOMETHING!! (are you even thirty yet, Jessica? Please tell me you’re catching up to our age.)

Two wonderful people that we love being around!

2013-08-16 21.03.09

2013-08-18 09.20.26


WARNING: shameless self promotion ahead…
Greg Slaybaugh’s wife quickly became my favorite person at the reunion. Scott was talking to Greg and his wife then brought me over to introduce me. Scott, “This is my wife, Greta.”

Greg’s wife turned around, gasped (I’m not lying here…) and said, “OH!, you’re so beautiful! Your eyes!! Oh my goodness you have beautiful eyes.”

Did I mention how much I loved her?!



It was a fun, exciting evening. Scott and I didn’t get to attend the next night’s formal get-together, but we enjoyed catching up with some wonderful Truman grads from a mere thirty years ago…

p.s. Dad, the guy in the blue and white wide striped shirt is Perry Dummit.


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