I have heard “old people” say all my life that this physical feature or that ailment seemed to just ‘happen over night’. I now stand in front of the mirror each morning and realize they were totally right. Where did all of this come from?! What happened to the days of just throwing on a pair of jeans and calling it done?

I am learning to live with a new reality. Where once I artfully applied mascara and eyeliner to accentuate the greens of my eyes, I am now mastering the art of make-up application that minimizes the sudden flushing face incidents that strike like a Ninja. I am dancing on and around the fine line that separates ‘funky and artsy free-thinker’ from ‘crazy and eccentric cat-lady’. Depending on the day, I stand strongly on one side or the other.

Laugh if you must, youngsters. Your time is coming! I welcome all of you who fall into the 39-and-below category. You can consider this blog your warning call. Those of us in the 40-and-over crowd have new realities, to be sure. But we’ve also gained some hard-earned wisdom along the way.

My name is Greta.
I am in my ‘late forties’.
Middle-age (ish)

Somewhere in high school a friend of mine started calling me ‘g’…and it has stuck throughout the years. I love the familiarity of it and always consider it a sweet sign of friendship.

I look forward to knowing you better. Please be kind in thought as you get to know me. As I am. Where I am. In the right now. Let’s do some life together, shall we?

~ g

2013-01-01 13.14.39

Personal Email: mylifeasg@gmail.com

Other places I hang out on the web:
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* pinterest: mylifeasg
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