Attention, Creatives…

I have been meaning to post this link for a while now. Creative Bug is an online source of creative videos – anything from knitting to bookbinding to upcycling. For a fee of approximately $25 a month, you have access to how-to videos from some of the top designers in their field. Want to know how to do screenprinting? No problem; there’s a video for that. Want to know how to create your own sewing patterns; they’ve got it. It’s online school for the creative types out there that are constantly wanting to learn how to do something new or improve upon what they already have tried.

Plus, Creative Bug donates 5% of their subscription fees to non-profit art organizations.

I love the whole idea!

they are taunting me

I want to buy a donut pan to bake donuts (baked, not fried, so they’re totally healthy, right?) Pumpkin spice, in particular, I am craving them like crazy lately. I have my 20% off Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon ready to go!

Meanwhile, I keep being taunted with thoughts like this:

source: Lisa Congdon

I concur!

you caught my eye: here and there

While researching design, I often see things that simply make me scroll back and take a second look. Or things that make me slow my browsing mouse for a second longer to pause and soak a bit more of it in.

Such is the case with these unrelated items; united only by my second glance.

I am a sucker for succulents. They are consistent and almost completely self-maintaining. They neither grow nor die. They just are what they are for long periods of time. I like the succulent/terrarium feel to this beachy display from a bungalow in North Carolina, created by Kim Fisher. Kim and her husband run Kim Fisher Designs, an event company. I love the addition of found seashells that accompany these succulent plants.

As a fan of old doors, I love the use of an old door as an interior barn-door-feel by adding casters and a track to make this sliding door from Artistic Designs for Living.

The shortest of sentiments are often the most heart-felt. This pillow from Ella Doran accomplishes just that.

Unfortunately, I have not lived in areas of the country where food trucks are prevalent. Yet each time I see one, I am fascinated by their ingenuity. Businesses working within a confined space to bring quality product to their fans – all over town!

This particular mobile pizzeria, Del Popolo, caught my eye. Del Popolo not only has an uber cool website, it is a mobile pizzeria in San Francisco, that specializes in rustic Neapolitan-inspired pizza. It might be one of the coolest food trucks I’ve ever seen; I am wishing I could go get some right now. The ingredients change daily so they’re always offering up new pizza flavors baked up on the spot in 60 seconds. Brilliant!

I write, I create, I read to discover who I am. Throughout my life, it is in the process of creating that I begin to understand what is buried in my thoughts and feelings. It is the greatest moment of self-discovery when I read on screen or see on paper the words and shapes that I did not consciously know were present until they poured out in front of me. I know many other creatives that feel the same way.

That is why this print from Lisa Congdon jumped off the page to me as true.

And finally, this phone dock. There are many long conversations that would be made easier by this dock from Curve BT iDock

Can you imagine talking on the phone and not getting make-up all over the screen by the time you’re finished?! An added benefit is that your phone is charging while you talk on the receiver. In my book? That’s perfection!