some of my favorite online magazines

I have mentioned before that I am a total magazine whore. I love spending time absorbing magazines of various types. Being a food stylist or interior design stylist – setting up small vignettes and photographing them in perfect light…mmmmmm – that would be pure heaven to me!

There are many paper subscriptions I have, but I also enjoy the beauty of online magazines as well. The photography advancements over the past few years has been remarkable. Print magazines are meeting some sad outcomes, like Newsweek’s recent announcement that they will soon be eliminating their hard-copy magazine. I have enjoyed the mixture of both print and online magazines this year and hopefully a few of the following links are new to you so you can relish in some leisurely hours of dreaming along with me.

Inside Out – creating your ideal home

Heart and Home – British home decor magazine

Sweet Paul – food, photography, exceptional!

est – home decor and fashion with an Australian flair

refueled – modern day stories about the resurging interest in our heritage, and how we live today (crafting, community, gardening)

What Liberty Ate – foodie

Add an overstuff chair and a cup of warm chai tea and I am one content, happy reader!

Attention, Creatives…

I have been meaning to post this link for a while now. Creative Bug is an online source of creative videos – anything from knitting to bookbinding to upcycling. For a fee of approximately $25 a month, you have access to how-to videos from some of the top designers in their field. Want to know how to do screenprinting? No problem; there’s a video for that. Want to know how to create your own sewing patterns; they’ve got it. It’s online school for the creative types out there that are constantly wanting to learn how to do something new or improve upon what they already have tried.

Plus, Creative Bug donates 5% of their subscription fees to non-profit art organizations.

I love the whole idea!