a familiar feeling

It was nice to be back at home last weekend for my son’s graduation from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. The Loyce (my dad and Joyce) drove to Omaha to pick me up then turned around and drove back to Independence – all in one day. We had a fun trip, hovering around the Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri borders. I stayed in the same bedroom, the same bed, that I grew up in. So many hours were spent daydreaming in that room. At 48 years old, I am happy the majority of those dreams have been exceeded. I am relieved, as well, that some of those hopes turned out to be unsubstantial.

My parents have always tenderly cared for their yard and gardens. It takes a great deal of patience and foresight to grow trees from saplings and young bushes into flowering displays. They possessed that ability. Teachers, even among outdoor life. After all the graduation hoopla was over, it was nice to walk through the yard with Dad, looking at the peonies and Japanese iris, ready to burst. To celebrate with the festive snowball bush, heavy-laden with beautiful white blooms. To inspect a rosebud, just beginning to unfold its layers of fragrant petals. All along the walk, Dad would bend and pull stray weeds, so typical of many days before in my childhood.





















The whole weekend we watched a mother robin fly in and out of the nest built in the corner of the back porch. The nest was filled with hungry, churping babies. She brought the fattest worms to them! She was also very protective when anyone got near enough to hurt them.


As we all sat around on the back porch after Baird’s graduation…Anna-Margaret, Craig, Jacqueline, Lauren, Dad, Joyce, Larry, Baird, Hannah, me (& Scott on his way), the mother bird flew in and out of the nest, keeping a watchful eye on us all. It was evident, in the midst of all the commotion and animated conversation and eating and laughing, there was an ever-present Mother, proudly watching her brood…

Blog Borrow

I am caught up – along with much of the world – in the approaching royal wedding. I’m not sure if it is that Princess Diana’s marriage and death were a part of my teen/adult years, or if it is the bond we (aka: commoners) feel for Catherine Middleton. It could also be the close proximity in ages between my son, Baird and Prince William. No matter the reason, so many of us are finding things that resonate with the royal wedding.

If nothing else, I am a pure romantic at heart. And is there anything more fairy tale than a prince swooping up a commoner and making her a princess – complete with a wedding filled with cathedrals, flowing gowns, and deep tradition??

Reading this entry from the blog {this is glamorous} was fascinating, especially regarding the history of the tiara.

I think this is one of my favorite pictures of Princess Diana:

I remember Mom’s excitement surrounding Charles and Diana’s wedding. Mom made us all get up and watch it – and now I feel lucky to remember it so well. My sister is doing the same with her pre-teen and teenage girls. What a special memory of experiencing something like that together.

Will you be getting up at 4am or waiting to see a replay of it later? Are you DVR’ing it?


Love someone. Love what they love.

And when you do, you might find a few things you enjoy along the way. If nothing else, you will delight in their enjoyment of it.

We spent our Saturday at two military surplus supply stores. While SS looked for the camo shirt he wanted, I walked around mesmerized at what was displayed. Such great clothes! Then drove out to SS’s parents place to sight in his new gun (Taurus PT 917). After an afternoon of target shooting, it was too nice of a day to head inside yet. Fishing was whispering sweet nothings in SS’s ear. A great excuse for me to sit in the sun, enjoy the strong breeze and soak up the goodness of the outdoors.

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lone jack – april 2011 – photoshopped

(Guess who hit this red Quik Trip cup lid…)

Poor Gypsy… after every shot, she would run around behind the target just SURE that there would be a dead bird or squirrel or SOMETHING for her. She’d get so excited every time then run around looking for it. THEN, get exhausted and hot and run straight into the pond to cool off! The funny life of a dog…

I have not yet tired of watching SS and his dad, Larry, work together. Their communication style. Their easy understanding of the subject – whatever it is at the time. I am thankful for the relationship SS has with his parents. It means I get to love and enjoy them as well.

I love this man.
I love his passion for the things he loves.
And I am lucky enough to be one of those loves…

EVEN when a stupid Quik Trip diet coke cup seems to invade every picture I take of him!

such a good 46.

My day started out by stopping by Scott’s parent’s house “just to say hi”. We walked into their house and heard an additional “Hi!” from Hannah, standing in the background. What a great surprise! Her Facebook status line from just a few hours earlier was “Happy Birthday, Mother. Wish I was there.” Clearly now just a ploy to throw me off. Scott had arranged for one of her friends to bring her into town, meeting his dad, Larry, part-way there.

The three of us did some running around in the afternoon and then headed out to my sister, Anna-Margaret’s, house for dinner.

What a great evening!

Anna-Margaret was taking the picture (unfortunately, not shown). Dad brought his friend, Joyce. Such a great lady. A great combination of people to enjoy. Fabulous husband. Fantasic daughter. Best-ever nieces.

Dad made me banana pudding…one of my favorites!

My mother-in-law, Joanne, made me my favorite birthday cake – banana cake!!

Any more, this is a common scene in our family…

After dinner, Scott handed me an envelope of tickets: TWO TICKETS TO SEE ROD STEWART in April!!!!

Craig was reffing basketball for most of the evening. But when he showed up, I was embarrassed by how well he knows my decades of bad habits. He brought in my gifts one by one….

And last but not least, a nice gift certificate to Barnes and Nobles…with a little something-something inside.

Fun night.
Fun birthday.

Christmas with the Sutherland clan

Scott, Haleigh and I went to Scott’s grandmother’s house (“The Blue Building in Brookside”) on Christmas morning. It was nice to sit and talk…and EAT!…with aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. and get to know them all a little better. (But we missed you Mary, Mark and Nancy.)

Scott’s grandmother is 90 years old and lives in an apartment by herself; she rented out the party room downstairs for us.

The Sutherland’s are never lacking in food.
Or deep, hardy laughs.

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