Silver Dollar City Christmas

Before going on an on about how great this past weekend was, I must say that the version of hell that I can imagine is being forced to experience something really great – with tons of photo ops – but NOT be able to take pictures! SO FRUSTRATING. But, the rain was just way too much to take many pictures of Silver Dollar City and our fabulous family experience. That said,……

Dad and Joyce, Anna-Margaret, Jacqueline and Lauren, Hannah and Mark, Scott and I drove to Branson, Missouri for a unique Christmas experience this year. It was a BUNCH of fun.

It rained and rained and rained and was in the 50’s on the day we went to Silver Dollar City. (Last time I was there, I was in 6th grade. So needless to say, the town has changed a bit!) We went to see A Charles Dicken’s Christmas Carol. Stood in line in the rain for two hours and it was SO worth it (as was the time spent getting to know the people in front of us who were from Rolla, Missouri. We stood and talked about politics and pretty much solved the world’s problems.) It was a really great show!! Anna-Margaret and I wanted to see a show that ended in fake snow falling – and we got our wish!!!! Great music. Fabulous voices. Fantastic set. Full house!

I couldn’t believe how many people were at SDC – in the rain and cold. I told Scott we were looking at a bunch of really stubborn people – ourselves included. Bound and determined to have a good time. Besides, once you get to a certain level of soaking wet, you just ignore it and go on.

We saw glass blowers…
and potters…
and blacksmiths.

Exactly the experience I had hoped for.

The next day, we drove down the Branson strip.
v…e..r….r.rrr.r….r…y slowww-w-w-w-w-w-ly.

The drive to and from Branson was safe weather (Friday and Sunday), and I am most thankful for that. We had fun talking and laughing and retreating from life for a little bit.

(A few photos to explain…)

We drove all the way to Branson, Missouri to see all sorts of new sights and adventures, and ended up stopping at a McDonald’s for a drink – something we could have done in KC! So I took a picture of all of us just to be a smart alec.

Mark (St. Louis Cardinals fan, born and raised) made sugar cookies with Hannah and frosted them with Jacqueline and Lauren. He made me a special Cardinals cookie for my Royals-loving soul. I took a big bite out of it and disposed of it as quickly as possible!

At every family get together, there is always (no matter how old we all get) a very fierce, and very competitive Candy Land game…

My extremely fun friend, Dee Dee’s son, Jason, is in a quartet in Branson. And has been for a number of years. It was fun to see his BIG FACE on many billboards around town! (far right)

It was a fabulous weekend.
It was the kind of weekend where on the drive home, each person freely and excitedly talks about their favorite part……


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